Dishonest & Deceitful.

This Man

is a predatory

don't believe

anything else

Alex Wexler - Wexworx LLC

Alex Wexler may come across as a friendly honest person.

DO NOT fall for it.

He is a dishonest and deceitful man.

If you are considering doing any kind of business with Alex Wexler or his company Wexworx LLC, don't. Alex will try to screw you over, and he will go to any length to ensure that he does succeed in screwing you over! Alex will gladly commit fraud, lie and use any other tactics he can to try and swindle you.

Alex Wexler and his company have a long history of law suits because he is a scam and a blight on society.

Alex is the sort of person that would happily            over his own mother if it meant making more money. Humans don't come much lower than Alex Wexler.

"My Special Needs Boy"

Many people do not even know the name of Alex's adopted son, because Mr Alex Wexler refers to him, not by his name but as 'My Special Needs Boy'. What kind of disgusting human being, refers to their so called, loved one like that.





It makes sense why the young man has tried to run away. I am certain if I was his adopted son, I would be running away, as fast as I could.

The biggest disadvantage the boy has, is being raised by Alex.

The Wexler's - A Family of Filth

Alex and his uncle Paul Wexler are cut from the same cloth. Both dishonest, both have a long history of law suits. Here is an article about Alex Wexler and Paul Wexler, who were in a legal battle with iconic Dean Martin. The articles goes into details about how Paul Wexler used Dean Martin as the face of the restaurant, but would not pay out on the agreed royalties. Dishonoring business agreements is typical of the Wexler family. Don't get suckered in to dealing with them.

Don't Sympathaze for Alex Wexler

Alex Wexler plays the cancer card, using it as a way to get sympathy and then using it as a negotiating tactic in business. Claiming he was too ill to remember. Claiming he was undergoing treatment, so the decisions he made should not apply. Do not fall for Alex's lies.

There is one great word that describes Alex wexler, and he should be remembered by as a: